Will you install suspended ceiling at home? What should I pay attention to? Here with summary from decoration master !


Will you install suspended ceiling at home? What should I pay attention to? Here with summary from decoration master

Suspended ceiling is widely used in modern home decoration. It is composed of metal square plate and electrical appliances.
It is divided into lighting module, heating module, heating module and ventilation module. It not only has beautiful appearance, 

but also has simple installation, convenient maintenance and flexible layout. It is often seen in bathroom and kitchen ceiling.
Today, let's talk about the advantages of
suspended ceiling and what to pay attention to? Function of suspended ceiling? 

suspended ceiling

Function of suspended ceiling?


The independent heating lamp, independent lighting lamp and independent ventilation fan can reasonably arrange the 

installation position, which overcomes the embarrassment of the installation position of the traditional heater. The heating 

lamp can be installed directly above the shower area, the lighting lamp can be installed in the middle of the room or the
washing table, and the ventilation fan can be installed directly above the toilet, so that each function can be placed in the
most needed space position.




Traditional heater products combine many functions into one, and are wrapped in the form of bottom shell. In this way,
in the process of use, due to the very high power, the machine temperature will rise, so as to reduce the service life of
components. After the functional modules of the
suspended ceiling are split, the open split installation method is adopted
to increase the service life of electrical components by more than three times.

clip in ceiling

Advantages of suspended ceiling?


1. Safe home:

The suspended ceiling is completed through careful design and professional installation. Its line layout, ventilation and
heating effect are also strictly designed and tested. Everything is people-oriented. In contrast, the traditional ceiling is 

too casual and unsafe.


2. Green energy saving:

The functions of suspended hanging items are independent, and the location and quantity of warm lamps can be installed 

according to the actual needs. The traditional hanging items use heater for heating, which has great limitations. The heating 

location is too centralized. The suspended ceiling overcomes these shortcomings. The heating range is large and uniform. 

Three warm lamps can achieve the effect of heater's four warm lamps, which is green and energy-saving.


3. Choose and match freely:

The functional components of the suspended ceiling are absolutely independent. You can choose the required ceiling panel
according to the size of the kitchen and bathroom, the color of ceramic tiles and your own preferences. In addition, there
are a variety of choices for heating components, ventilation components and lighting components.


4. Comprehensive price is high:


The unit price of suspended ceiling is higher than that of traditional suspended items, but you should know that it is processed
from high-quality aluminum. Most traditional suspended items are made of plastic. The service life of
suspended ceiling can
reach 50 years, while that of traditional ceiling is only about 10 years (prone to aging).

metal ceiling

What are the precautions for suspended ceiling?


1. The thickness of aluminum gusset plate of suspended ceiling is required


The key to the plate is the material, the purity of aluminum, high-quality aluminum gusset plate is light and elastic. Poor
quality aluminum gusset plate has high content of iron and heavy metals, and the plate is heavy and easy to break.
Imported plates are generally 5 thicknesses, while domestic plates are after 6 thicknesses.


2. The quality of suspended ceiling not only depends on the price


The plate is different due to the purity and surface technology of aluminum, and the price difference is relatively large.
The best gusset plate is the imported LG coated plate, which has no color difference for 30 years and does not change
color. The worst thing is that the sprayed plate is toxic and easy to change color when stained with oil fume.


3. Pay attention to the style design of suspended ceiling


The biggest feature of suspended ceiling is design. When designing personalized suspended ceiling, we must fully consider
the hue and shape of the environment, such as the color of cabinet, the color and shape of kitchen floor, and the color and
shape of sanitary ware in toilet.


4. Importance of suspended ceiling accessories


In addition to the carrier, connectors, edge strips and other necessary accessories of the suspended ceiling, which also determine
the service life of the ceiling. At present, the keel is mainly made of light steel and galvanized. When selecting, you can see the
thickness, weight and workmanship. Generally, the keel and links are free, and the edge strip is charged, so you should ask
about the charges of various accessories in advance.

suspended ceiling

Precautions for suspended ceiling installation


Determine whether to integrate the ceiling and the form of suspended ceiling according to the floor height. The floor
height of the house is very important.


If the floor height is very low, or even lower than 2.5m, it is not suitable to integrate the ceiling in a large area, but the ceiling
can be suspended in a small area. For example, a secondary roof with a width of more than 10 cm and a height of 10 ~ 18 cm
is hung around the house, with upward light inside. While the middle part remains the original height, the top can be painted
with light blue paint, which will make the top surface look as high as the sky, It can also enrich the top layer.


Or locally suspended ceiling in a concealed part of the room can achieve the same effect. For rooms with high floor height, you
can freely choose the suspended ceiling mode and shape, which can be arc, circular, square and special-shaped roof, or can be 

divided into two or even multi-level suspended ceiling shape, and large-area suspended ceiling can be used to reduce the floor

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