Tuodeli: what kinds of louvers are there in modern architecture


The area of windows in modern buildings is increasing and people's requirements for indoor light and thermal
environment are constantly improving.

Building shading has become a problem that must be considered.

With people's demand for building energy conservation and environmental protection and interior decoration,

Makes building shading become an indispensable component of modern architecture and the sunshade products
have become the first choic

What kinds of sun louvers do we have

There are mainly the following types:

Rain proof sun louver

Flexible European louvers

Customers can choose different specifications and colors according to their needs:

The leaves are slender

Adjust the light freely and flexibly

It can realize wireless remote control, manual control.

Intelligent group control the wind, light, rain and other. 

Sun Louver

TUODELI European Louvers

Suitable for sunlight room, flower garden, gymnasium, etc

Intelligent sunshade of daylighting roof

Shuttle louvers with unique design

Unique section design style

Both sides of the blade are slightly curved

The commonly used materials are aluminum alloy blade and perforated aluminum alloy blade

The surface can be anodized and sprayed

There are many colors to be chose.

It can be installed horizontally or vertically

It can realize wireless remote control, manual control and group control,

Intelligent control of wind, light and rain

Shutters louvers

Tuodeli sun louvers

It is suitable for large glass curtain wall of various modern public buildings

And glass lighting roof plane, vertical

Face and slope building shading,

It is the energy saving of modern buildings

The best choice of intelligent sunshade.

Flat shutter louvers with hidden and noise reduction

Blade double hollow structure, high tension, high strength

The blade angle is adjustable between 0 - 105 degrees

The blade has the maximum ventilation at 90 degrees

Blade at 15 - 25 degrees

You can't see inside outside

When completely closed, it can maintain the indoor temperature

Reduce external noise by more than 30 dB

Rain proof sun louver

Tuodeli flat shutter has the function of daylighting and shading

Ventilation, rain proof and heat preservation

Heat insulation, noise reduction, fire protection and other features

It can be installed horizontally and vertically

Waterproof and compression resistant exterior louvers

Outdoor louvers should be resistant to corrosion and aging

Wind pressure resistance, water resistance, friction resistance, etc

And the safety factor is high

Sun Louver

High strength outdoor louvers

Beautiful appearance, antistatic treatment

Easy to clean

Suitable for family, villa, office and hotel

Factory and other outdoor building sunshade

Waterproof shutter with changeable sunshade

Waterproof shuttle shutter is made of double-sided aluminum alloy

Both sides of blade edge are made of waterproof adhesive strip

Rain proof and sunshade effect can be achieved after closing

The shutter can be manual, electric and fixed

It can be turned over in 0-95 ° electrically and manually

Shutters louvers

Tuodeli louvers are mainly made of high-end aluminum alloy. They are durable and fresh, easy to clean,
non-aging, colorless, sunshade, heat-insulating, breathable and fireproof. They are suitable for high-end 

office buildings, bedrooms, hotels, villas and other places. At the same time, they can be combined with
stickers to make their style more fresh and elegant. There are two control modes: manual and electric.

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