TUODELI mesh panel ----Make the air fresher


In densely populated areas, how to solve the problem of smooth air flow and indoor air flow is a important consideration 
for architects. And when designing, we should also consider whether the appearance is beautiful and atmospheric,
and whether people in the space will have a sense of bondage.

mesh panel

Metal aluminum mesh ceiling is a kind of ceiling decoration material rising in recent two years. It is processed by metal
 to make all kinds of ceiling. Because of its natural metal texture with the different changes of light and metal
mesh emission effect,
that create a variety of visual effects, which is favored by designers. Today, let's meet the charm
of aluminum grid ceiling.

metal panel

With a wide selection of styles, materials and colors, aluminum mesh panels ensure that each project has a unique
appearance. Aluminum mesh is made by cutting and drawing on the surface of sheet metal at the same time through
a special manufacturing process. The mesh body is lighter and has strong bearing capacity.

mesh material

The most common aluminum mesh panel is diamond hole, other hole types are hexagonal, round, triangular, scale hole
and so on. Through the change of mesh shape, mesh direction, lighting and color, the ceiling can be more transparent
and dynamic. Different mesh types and materials make the decoration design more personalized and fashionable. 

The system is characterized by light weight, good steel property and high strength. The 30mm thick aluminum
weighs 8kg per square
panel, and its tensile strength is 100-280n / mm2. The system has good weather resistance and 

corrosion resistance. Using high quality fluorocarbon paint can make the surface of aluminum veneer fade for 30 years.
Aluminum mesh
panel has no rust, beautiful color, aluminum mesh panel is used in architectural decoration.

mesh panel

About exterior curtain wall, due to the unique firmness of its metal material, it can easily resist the invasion of adverse
climate factors such as storm, and at the same time, it is easy to maintain. From the perspective of viewing alone, 

aluminum mesh panel has the characteristics of silk fabric, giving people visual enjoyment; when it is used as indoor
roof or partition wall, the unique permeability and luster of its material gives more aesthetic pleasure to the space.

metal panel

Compared with the traditional decorative materials, the decorative aluminum mesh products have strong sound-absorbing 

performance and excellent decorative effect, with the characteristics of non combustion, high strength, easy maintenance,
and good performance. Protect the building structure. The installation is simple and fast, and the added value generated is
higher than that of the traditional material decoration net.  The installation and construction of the aluminum net is
convenient and fast. The aluminum net is formed in the factory. The construction site does not need to be cut but simply fixed.
The decoration aluminum net can be recycled and reused, which is beneficial to environmental protection. The aluminum net 

can be 100% recycled, with higher recycling value.

mesh material

High quality and high-strength aluminum alloy sheet is used for aluminum sheet mesh, and its common thickness is One
point five , Two , Two point five , 3.0MM The maximum size of conventional material is 1220mm × 2440mm. Its structure
is mainly composed of panel, stiffener and corner code. Corner code can be directly bent and stamped by the panel, or it
can be riveted on the small side of the panel. The reinforcing rib is connected with the electric welding screw behind the 

panel surface, which makes it a solid whole, greatly enhances the strength and rigidity of the aluminum single panel mesh,
and ensures the flatness and anti wind and anti-seismic ability in long-term use.

mesh panel

Metal mesh board is widely used in airports, stations, shopping malls, hotels, offices, opera houses, exhibition halls and
other high-end buildings. Such as curtain wall, partition, ceiling, balcony and corridor, roller shutter, stairway and other
areas of decoration.


Above introduction of aluminum grid (metal grid ceiling) , looking forward to the next meeting!

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