Tuodeli hook on ceiling, making the sky particularly beautiful


Hook on ceiling is a kind of open type ceiling with sound insulation, heat dissipation and wind proof functions. Among
them, the hook up type ceiling lines are bright and rigid, which can bring a harmonious and tidy modern sense to the
whole space, and the three-dimensional sense after decoration is very strong.

aluminum hook on type

In the crowded subway, station, airport and shopping mall, we can find this kind of ceiling when we look up.

hook on ceiling

Screen ceiling is not only widely distributed in the interior, but also very expressive in the external decoration. Because
its excellent sound insulation function can reduce the transmission of sound, effectively reduce the reverberation time
and high absorption efficiency, it also often appears over the parking lot.

beautiful ceiling

And its ventilation characteristics can help the vehicle heat dissipation and improve the driving comfort.

aluminum hook on type


The hook on type ceiling is made of aluminum alloy plate or punched plate by electrostatic powder spraying. It is a 

combination of open type design, with the functions of fire prevention, moisture-proof and sound absorption. The 

whole and consistency of the plate surface and line are strong. The direct insertion installation method is adopted,
which is convenient for the maintenance of other facilities on the roof and reduces the consumption of human and 

material resources.


It is easy to use, time-consuming and reduce the waste of human and material resources.

Specifications :

Material: AA aluminum alloy


Height: 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 124mm, 150mm, 200mm


Thickness: 0.40-1.00mm


Surface treatment: electrostatic powder spraying, heat transfer wood grain, Coil coating, PET coating, PVDF Painting, paint


Carrier: hook on type carrier

hook on ceiling

And the hanging piece can be double-sided with the same color, can also be customized with different colors, and with the
lighting design, it can be assembled with a more beautiful decorative effect to meet the visual enjoyment; it can also adjust
the visual height of the house to produce a special theater screen effect.

beautiful ceiling

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