Tuodeli Aluminum curtain wall - excellent appearance in urban building best appearance


The facade is the hard power of high-end buildings. Its "appearance value" echoes with the sense of city to be expressed
by the building and plays an important role in facade display. The selection of facade materials is particularly important,
which is not only related to the overall appearance of the building, but also related to the use function of the building.


With the rise of new building exterior wall decoration materials, more and more materials such as glass curtain wall, dry
hanging stone and aluminum veneer appear in people's vision and become the three mainstream of high-end building
decoration. Nowadays, the development of "high appearance" facade aluminum veneer catches up from behind and has
become the best choice for curtain wall decoration of many high-end buildings.

Aluminum Facade Panel

Walking between big cities and small cities under dim lights, you can see that the aluminum veneer of the curtain wall
is particularly beautiful and bright. The urban buildings transformed by curtain wall aluminum veneer have formed a
distinctive and beautiful scenery. This is the decorative charm of aluminum veneer.

Aluminum cladding

What's special about the "appearance" of aluminum veneer?

Aluminum exterior design

Aluminum veneer is a high-grade building material. Its metal reflection has a natural feeling of "gilding and silver plating", 

which makes the whole building facade flexible, noble and full of quality. Therefore, some people even say that it is the 

curtain wall aluminum veneer that makes the luxury of the city. At present, many cities are making efforts for image 

engineering, and curtain wall aluminum veneer has become an indispensable factor for city image.

Aluminum Facade Panel

Secondly, the color of outdoor aluminum veneer is not only limited to the common facade monochrome such as white, 

gray and gold, but also a variety of imitation wood grain, imitation stone grain, color painting and other series. In the 

ever-changing colors and patterns, different decorative mysteries are transmitted, adding light and color to the image 

of the city.

Aluminum cladding

The imitation wood grain aluminum veneer not only can realize the meticulous and natural sense of wood grain, but 

also is better than the solid wood material in weather resistance and aging resistance.

Aluminum exterior design

Imitation stone grain aluminum veneer can adapt to the solemn and imposing appearance style of the building, easily
show the material charm of the stone, and avoid the disadvantages of poor ductility of the stone, too heavy itself,
environmental pollution, harmful radiation, monotonous shape and so on.

Aluminum Facade Panel

The "beauty strength school" that can not be ignored also has modeling aluminum veneers. All kinds of modeling 

aluminum veneers bring refreshing visual enjoyment to buildings. They are new materials commonly used in high-end 

commercial and residential buildings. Modeling aluminum veneer with strong artistic flavor is an aluminum product 

with strong decoration and beauty.

Aluminum cladding

According to different designs, aluminum veneer can be made into hollow carved aluminum veneer, curved rod aluminum 

veneer, conical aluminum veneer, arc aluminum veneer and so on. Or modern, or classical, or thick ink and heavy color, 

or ancient and mysterious, reflecting a rich and multi rhyme sense of space design.

Aluminum exterior design

Among them, hollow carved aluminum veneer is a popular product in the market, which can be processed into high-end 

non-standard aluminum panels of various specifications and shapes. Art carved panels are not only highly decorative, 

but also can reflect unpredictable and gorgeous space through the irradiation of light. At present, many open places
such as exhibition halls, supermarkets and large shopping malls use hollow aluminum veneers with strong modern
decoration and high-end, because these places can see good decorative effects with the cooperation of lights.

Aluminum Facade Panel

The special appearance of aluminum veneer of tuodeli curtain wall helps to create high-end quality of facade and interpret
the excellent performance of aluminum veneer.

Aluminum cladding

Apart from being beautiful, the aluminum veneer of tuodeli curtain wall is also very practical. The surface of the aluminum
plate is sprayed with fluorocarbon, which greatly improves the performance of the product, such as oxidation resistance,
acid rain resistance and ultraviolet resistance. It is deeply favored by the owners of high-end buildings such as airports,
office buildings, gymnasiums and villas. It is also the best choice for urban image engineering decoration.

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