Perforated sound-absorbing aluminum gusset ceiling system is important tool for sound insulation and noise reduction


Now the city is densely populated, and there is noise everywhere. Therefore, in addition to considering the noise of the 

windows in the decoration, we should also consider the sound insulation of the floor to prevent the external noise from
affecting our lives.

Perforated ceiling

What kind of material can achieve sound insulation effect


But also easy to use, beautiful decorative effect


That is perforated sound-absorbing aluminum gusset ceiling system


Today, Tuodeli will introduce it


Relevant knowledge of perforated sound-absorbing aluminum gusset ceiling system

Sound absorbing aluminum gusset ceiling system


Punching ceiling is widely used in metal ceiling design, the purpose is to reduce the noise brought by the
outside world and create a comfortable space.

Soundproof ceiling

Punching metal ceiling products can effectively solve the noise problem. When the source of noise is within the specified 

sound absorption range, the noise will generate friction after passing through the sound insulation material, which will 

convert the sound energy into heat energy, so as to reduce the sound value. In the outdoor or indoor environment, 

the punching form of ceiling and the different sound absorption materials will affect its sound absorption ability and

Acoustic ceiling

The ultimate goal of using different punching patterns and components of sound-absorbing materials is to meet different 

levels of sound-absorbing needs. Adding sound insulation paper or sound insulation cotton to the back of perforated
ceiling will help to increase the total attraction of the whole confined space and reduce the impact of noise on us.

Advantages of sound absorbing aluminum gusset ceiling system


Perforated aluminum gusset plate has the advantages of flame retardant, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, and it is easy
to assemble and disassemble. Each plate can be disassembled independently, which is convenient for construction,
maintenance and cleaning.

Perforated ceiling

Each punching form of tuodeli can provide different sound absorption open area ratio (punching rate), so as to meet
the sound absorption requirements of different degrees of confined space.

Treatment of perforated sound absorption aluminum gusset plate


The digital perforation of the sound absorption aluminum button plate of todley perforation is more accurate and the
color of the piercing is more beautiful. The common surface treatment methods are: powder electrostatic spraying,
polyester paint spraying, roll coating, drawing and anodizing.

Soundproof ceiling

Through the surface treatment, perforated sound-absorbing aluminum veneer products are more perfect, can be very
good with a variety of styles of design, is a very good sound insulation material.

Tuodeli perforated sound absorbing aluminum gusset plate


Tuodeli perforated sound-absorbing aluminum gusset plate can be equipped with white sound-absorbing cloth, black 

sound-absorbing cloth, imported sound-absorbing cloth and fireproof sound-absorbing paper to achieve sound-absorbing
effect of different degrees, and the fire resistance performance can reach the national GB8624 - Flame Retardant B1 level.

Acoustic ceiling

Because of its excellent sound insulation performance, fire performance and product quality, it is often used in high-grade
office buildings, clubs, banks, shopping malls and other buildings

Perforated ceiling

Touodeli soundtex sound-absorbing non-woven fabric can reduce the sound impedance of perforated ceiling to the same 

level as that of air. It forces the sound wave to pass through the non-woven fabric structure and produces friction, which
causes the loss of kinetic energy and reduces the value of sound wave. Soundtex's ultra-thin design makes it easy to process
and install. It can be directly pasted on the ceiling in the factory, saving the transportation cost and reducing the workload
of the project site.

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