Film coated ceiling and coil coated ceiling, which is better? Aluminum ceiling manufacturers make things clear!


As we pay more and more attention to the quality of home decoration, we also pay more attention to cost-effective
materials in the selection of decoration materials. The aluminum
 clip in ceiling is the most cost-effective ceiling material. 

However, the manufacturer of aluminum ceiling said that the materials of aluminum clip in ceiling are complex, and the
treatment processes are diverse. Even the commonly used ones include film coated plate and roll coated plate. So is it
better to use film coated
ceiling or roller coated ceiling in household ceiling decoration? Don't worry, aluminum ceiling 
manufacturers have made clear the advantages of both!

Film coated ceiling

Coil coating or film coating, which is better?


Coil coated panel:


1. The coil coating panel is made by directly rolling the coating with roller under high pressure during processing.
There is no gap between the surface layers, which is bright and smooth. The surface is smooth and flawless.


2. High quality coating with high selectivity. Aluminum ceiling manufacturers said that the sense of hierarchy is meticulous, 

the color is symmetrical and the color is diverse.


3. Due to the close combination of coating and plate surface, the aluminum gusset plate manufacturer said that the surface
compresive strength of
coil coated panel is high, which can be arbitrarily laser cutting, slitting, arc bending, drilling, connection 

and fixing and edge cutting. There will be no obvious splitting and warping.

Coil coated ceiling

Film coated panel:


1. Oil fume resistance and wear resistance: the surface is PVC film. Aluminum ceiling manufacturers said that this kind of
material has stronger oil resistance. Cleaning up is also more convenient. It is also more wear-resistant


3. Water, steam and moisture resistance: the surface is covered with film, which reduces the direct contact between water
and aluminum profile, and also reduces the contact area of aluminum gusset plate oxidation. Its use time is also stronger.


5. Multiple patterns: the pattern selection of coated board is more extensive, and a variety of colors can be provided. The
decorative effect of coated board is stronger, and it is also very popular!

metal ceiling

In fact, aluminum ceiling manufacturers say that both are very good treatment processes, but in comparison, the
temperature resistance and bending effect of coated plate are slightly inferior. Therefore, we can choose different
aluminum ceiling materials according to different environments!

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